The sound of camping on a cliffside

Here's a little tune that came to me while enjoying the view from our cliffside campsite at Whistler RV Park. I may add vocals at some point, but I'm trying to get into the habit of sharing the process rather than waiting for the elusive "some point".

One of the driving reasons behind our recent lifestyle shift was to free up large blocks of time for our personal creative work. To spend as much life as possible doing the things that matter most to us. To in some way "turn pro", as Steven Pressfield describes in his excellent book, The War of Art 

When we’re living as amateurs, we’re running away from our calling—meaning our work, our destiny, the obligation to become our truest and highest selves.
— Steven Pressfield

He follows that with, "To feel ambition and to act upon it is to embrace the unique calling of our souls. Not to act upon that ambition is to turn our backs on ourselves and on the reason for our existence." Please enjoy the first song from the first week of this new way of being.


Shaun is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, teacher, musician and artist. He enjoys working to bring creative ideas to life, and generally being a positive influence in the world. Follow him on Instagram @shauntinney.